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"We Want to Share Henry's Story"

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

This wonderful family wrote a heartfelt email to us asking us to share their success story. We loved hearing Henry’s story and knowing that he is doing so well! Even after 30 years of teaching pet parents to make better choices, each story of a dog getting better with our food is wonderful and feels like a victory! We thank The Maged-Rubio Family for sharing Henry’s story with us and now with you!

Henry is the Love of Our Life

Hello Dr. Harvey and Team,

I wanted to write to you to share our story, say thank you, and possibly find a way to use our story to help other loving dog guardians find their way to your products if they already haven’t…

Henry Testimonial 1

Our dog, Henry, is our first dog. He is a four-year-old male Brittany and the love of our lives… We do everything together from going on walks, to showing him competitively and doing agility.

Devastated with a Diagnosis of Kidney Disease

We have always taken the best care of him and were shocked one year ago when he was diagnosed with early stage kidney disease. We were frantic, consulted with anyone we could, looking for answers and hope. We did not know what to expect. We met with “alternative vets” and also specialists at one of the top veterinary hospitals in the country. All left us feeling disappointed with the recommendations they offered. When the specialist’s recommendation was to put Henry on a major brand name, canned dog food, meant for late stage renal failure patients, we knew we had to do our own research.

Henry Testimonial 2

We Searched and Searched for Answers

By scouring the internet for months, we were eventually led to Dr. Harvey. We were skeptical since Henry had always been a finicky eater… We called the company to ask some questions and were surprised when Dr. Harvey, himself, got on the phone! His unique brand of rationale and engagement persuaded us.

Henry Testimonial 3

Picky Henry Loved the Food

The first feeding said everything, as Henry lapped his food up and probably would have eaten even more! We like that we control the protein that goes into his base mix and get it fresh weekly from the farm near our house. He eats like a king!

Henry Testimonial 4

And Here’s the Good News!

The best news yet is that, after 2 months eating only your food and the protein and oil we supply, Henry had his first set of completely normal labs! On paper, he does not have renal disease. We tell everyone we can about your brand.

We Want to Tell Everyone about Dr. Harvey’s

Henry wants to be your “spokesdog”. Thank you with all of our hearts.

With the most sincere of thanks,
The Maged-Rubio Family

PS. We have attached some pictures of Henry.

Henry Testimonial 6

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Try Canine Health for Your Dog!

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I Can't Thank You Enough for Creating Such a Wonderful Diet for Dogs

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

It Started with a Severe Stomach Upset

I am sending you this email to send praises about your Canine Health-Miracle Dog Food
My Maggie May started with a severe stomach upset in May of this year. I had her to the vet twice with this one incident that ended up being Colitis. It was horrible.

maggie may 2

Nothing Was Helping

Two rounds of antibiotics and probiotics and it seemed like it just kept coming back. I have been a customer of Baron’s K9 Country Store here in Bel Air, Maryland for 10 years. This is my second Pomeranian in those 10 and a half years. I had noticed her breath was a little stinky, especially in the mornings and also she had really bad brownish, orange tear stains, but I thought with her being white, it just came along with the territory of owning a white dog. When the stomach issue started I thought a stomach upset is not uncommon, but then the bloody diarrhea was cause for alarm and I took her to the vet.

maggie may 3

Her Colitis Cleared Up in 48 Hours!

Needless to say as soon as the antibiotics were done it started again so they resumed another course. I knew this was way too much antibiotics, but followed the instructions of my vet. In the meantime, I went to Baron’s K-9, my local pet store, and mentioned what was going on. Karen, the salesperson, there recommended your food. She gave me samples and instructions. Maggie absolutely loved the food from the start and her Colitis cleared up within 48 hrs and we have not had any problems since!

No More Picky Eater, No More Bad Breath, Tear Stains Gone-Amazing!

She always picked at her food and sometimes wouldn’t eat at all and now lets just say she looks forward to every meal. I break her portions down to in the morning and at night and she is one happy girl. Her whole demeanor changed and her coat got even prettier.

Her stinky breath is gone and I noticed her tear stains became clear. I’ve enclosed some pictures to show you. In one photo you can see her eyes are clear (after), maggie may

In the second photo you can see how her eyes looked with the tear stains before the new diet! (before)

Maggie May tear stains

The Change is Truly a Miracle

I also bought her Dr. Harvey’s Coconut Smiles and the Sweet Potate’r treats which are a major hit as well. I can’t thank you enough for creating such a wonderful diet for dogs. I think yours is the best by far as far as the results I have seen before my own eyes. The change is truly a “miracle” and my girl is proof of that. Please know I recommend your products all the time. The preparation process is so easy and so well worth it for my dog to feel her very best. She is only 2 years and 7 months old and I want her to enjoy every minute of her life and be as healthy as possible. Thank you so much for your time in reading my story. I will be trying your shampoos and other products as well as I feel completely confident.

Truly Satisfied Customer,

Sheila Brown

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