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We May Not Help Them All, But Sometimes There is a Bit of a Silver Lining

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Winnie Mae cropped Testimonial

It is our great joy and indeed our mission to help pet parents to help their companion animals. Happily, much of the time we are able to help animals recapture their health and maintain wellness. Pet parents are always very grateful, especially when they have spoken directly to Dr. Harvey or our staff and have felt the love that we feel for their animals. When animals get better, we love to hear the success stories and we are alway pleased to hear that we have touched the lives of a guardian and their beloved furbaby. But sometimes we cannot help. What happens then? That was the case with Winnie Mae, whose mom, Leslie, reached out to us when Winnie became very ill. Sadly, Winnie lost her battle to cancer, but then we got the email below from Leslie. We could not be more touched by her words. We wanted to share her experience with you and honor the memory of Winnie Mae

A Grieving Dog Mom-In her own words…

Dear Dr. Harvey, family and staff:

I just wanted to write and express my incredible gratitude for your customer service, care and true desire to help. You cannot imagine how much it is appreciated.

I wrote several weeks back in regards to my 2 and a half-year-old English Bulldog, Winnie. She was being tested for lymphoma and had stopped eating. We did have some samples of the Veg-to-Bowl, but she had already begun refusing food. In complete and total despair, I wrote to you. Within hours I had a reply, and within hours after that I was speaking to Dr. Harvey himself.
He then called every day to check on our baby and offer suggestions. We had several veterinarians on board including a holistic vet at another practice. I was paying these folks a bit of money to put it modestly.

I can tell you that Dr. Harvey and his staff were the FIRST to offer this kind of care and support. I never paid him one dollar for these phone consultations, he just did it because HE TRULY CARES.

Sadly enough, our baby passed within days of getting in touch with Dr. Harvey. The silver lining in it all has been my experience with Dr. Harvey.

I have never known any other company of any existence to offer up such concern and compassion for their customers. This was and has been a terrible time for our family, however, finding this man, his company and this food has forever changed my philosophy as a pet parent. Thank you from the bottom of my broken heart, Dr. Harvey. You are a true pioneer in every sense of the word. You have yourself a customer FOR LIFE!

I wish you all the best, you truly deserve every success. From my family to yours, THANK YOU!


Leslie Benegasi

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