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Our Dog's New Favorite Food - Oracle

Posted By Guest Post Contributor, Amber Kingsley

Oracle in bowl

Oracle-Freeze Dried Raw Complete Diet

There’s been a great deal of press and publicity surrounding unhealthy food and treats being sold for dogs. Everything from toxins found in processed choices found on grocery store shelves to poisons present in overseas chews, are making their way into some of our dog’s diets. These are just a couple of reasons why feeding our dogs, only high-quality, all-natural choices, made in the good ole USA, is so very important.

Dr. Harvey’s is proud to present the newest addition to our healthy family of fine pet foods, Oracle Freeze-Dried Raw Complete Diet for Dogs (available in both whole grain and grain-free varieties). This protein-packed, whole food source is made with the same strict guidelines as our other products. The big difference with this new all-natural choice is that it’s freeze-dried in a “just add water” formula.

the road, there’s no need for special containers or can openers, just a good bowl and some water.


Since Oracle is made with human grade, freeze-dried raw meat as the first ingredient, along with vegetables and healthy herbs, it’s just as tasty as if you had made it yourself at home. Even the finickiest of eaters, those with gastric issues and the most sensitive of stomachs, can enjoy the fresh taste of meat and protein found in this new freeze-dried favorite.


Many humans are becoming more disaster ready these days by buying supplies like water and freeze-dried foods in bulk for their own consumption and the same is true for Oracle. With an extended shelf life, you don’t have to worry about your dog’s food supply becoming stale or going bad if it’s stored in a cool, dry location.

Oracle Fish Portrait


Similar to our other all-natural food choices, Oracle is made without added sugar, salt, artificial colors or dyes. It’s also free of soy, by-products and other synthetic ingredients. It’s perfect for dogs in all stages of life and packed with vitamins and minerals for the best in nutrition.


With Oracle’s freeze-dried formula, it’s much faster and easier to give them that fresh, homemade taste and ingredients with less mess, fuss and lengthy preparation time. Here’s how easy it is to prepare and serve:

  • 1. Shake or knead the bag to evenly distribute the food before adding to your dog’s bowl. Measure the appropriate amount according to the chart on the bag and pour into the bowl. Note: Feeding amounts are general guidelines and individual requirements can vary dependent upon your dog’s specific breed, overall health, genetics, and activity.
  • 2. Also according to the feeding chart on the bag, add the appropriate amount of hot water to the dish. Let the mixture stand for 10-15 minutes until the food has absorbed all the water and has a consistency similar to oatmeal. You can adjust the amount of water depending upon your dog’s preference.
  • 3. Serve at room temperature (make sure it’s not too hot for consumption before serving) alongside fresh, clean, drinking water.

Oracle Large


Since we love them like family, we should treat them as such, which includes a well-rounded, wholesome and nutritious diet. While you should always consult with your veterinarian before changing your dog’s diet, I’m sure they’ll agree this is a healthy choice for your pet.

Learn More Here

Oracle Grain-Free and Oracle Whole Grain

About the Author


Amber Kingsley is a journalist and freelance writer as well as a lifetime pet lover. When she’s not traveling the world, she’s usually spending time at home with her pets and wants to help others make sure that their pets are as happy as they can be. Amber has donated countless hours supporting her local shelters in Santa Monica, CA. Her writing focuses on pet related articles about food, health and training

Say Hello to the All-New Oracle!

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

After months of planning and development, the Dr. Harvey’s team is thrilled to announce that we’ve re-invented and re-launched our “Just Add Water” complete dog foods – Oracle!

What’s NEW!

We’ve Lowered the Price!

To thank our customers across the country and around the world who love Oracle Grain-Free and Oracle Whole Grain – and we believe will love it even more now – we’ve dropped the price by 25%! This isn’t a sale, but a permanent reduction.

Oracle Price Reduction

We’ve Added Wonder Fruits!

Each bag of Oracle Grain-Free and Oracle Whole Grain now contains a different blend of wonder fruits, such as banana, apple, cranberry, blueberry and coconut. These fruits are extremely healthy for dogs, and deliver essential fiber, vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants with every meal. Adding fruit to a dog’s daily diet has been shown to help fight off disease and boost energy levels, as well as support muscle growth, heart health and metabolism.

Fruits in Oracle

New Fish Formula!

Oracle Grain-Free and Oracle Whole Grain is now available in a new fish formula made with wild-caught salmon and sardines. Sardines are highly recommended for dogs (and people!) because of their low mercury profile, and because they’re loaded with healthy Omega 3 fats. In fact, sardines are one of the most concentrated sources of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which have been found to lower triglycerides and cholesterol levels.

Plus, Oracle’s new fish formula is ideal for dogs that have difficulty digesting certain proteins, and may have allergic reactions to beef or poultry. For all other dogs, adding fish to their protein rotation provides essential nutrients and a significant boost to their daily diet.

Oracle Fish Portrait

Try the New & Improved Oracle

If you’re a long-time Oracle fan, then you’ll love what we’ve done to your dog’s favorite food. And if you’re new to the Oracle fan club, then get ready to give your companion with a fresh, homemade, balanced and complete meal — and it takes just seconds to prepare!

As always, we encourage you to rotate between Oracle formulas, so that your dog gets the different amino acid profiles from the different proteins (chicken, beef and fish), as well as the NEW wonder fruits in every bag.

What We Haven’t Changed

If you’re an Oracle Grain-Free and Oracle Whole Grain fan, then rest assured we haven’t changed anything that we know is important to you and your best friend:

  • Just Add Water: You don’t need to buy and add fresh protein – because we’ve done that for you! Just add water to create a healthy and hydrated meal in minutes. It’s nutrition you can easily see.
  • Top Quality Ingredients: The protein in Oracle Grain-Free and Oracle Whole Grain is fresh, regional USDA beef, chicken or fish. Plus, each bag of Oracle is loaded with ultra-nutritious vegetables and fruits.
  • From Our Kitchen to Yours: As you’d expect from Dr. Harvey’s, Oracle contains no chemicals, preservatives, additives, fillers or by-products. There’s also no salt, sugar, wheat or soy.
  • Ideal for Every Life Stage: Oracle is still with most bio-diverse dog food available, exceeds AAFCO Standards, and is ideal for dogs at every life stage: from pups to seniors.

A Story of Love, Survival, and Gratitude

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

With Love From Pumpkin

Pumpkin’s mom, Sue, reached out to us to tell us that Pumpkin wanted to tell her story “in her own words”. We were so touched when we received the story of Pumpkin’s journey and how Canine Health was the miracle she needed. Here is Pumpkin’s story.

My Name is Pumpkin

My name is Pumpkin and I am a most loved and spoiled, happy, and very grateful 10 year old Golden Retriever! I am so inspired to share my story of love, survival, and gratitude with you! Let’s wind back the clock 6 years ago to when I was 4 years old…

Pumpkin 2

How My Troubles Began

It was Good Friday 2010, a beautiful Spring day! I enjoyed a long afternoon walk with Mom and Grandma! We came home and I got a refreshing drink and snack. I proceeded to take a nap as Mom and Grandma enjoyed lunch and good conversation. They said their goodbyes after a nice visit, and then Mom ran some errands. When she returned home after a few hours, she took me for a quick walk and then fed me my dry kibble and then BOOM…..I was out…. Literally passed out for about 2 minutes. I didn’t know what hit me! Before I knew it, I came to…in none other than, the dreaded vets office!!! I heard him speaking in hushed tones to Mom something about a Grand mal seizure…and as I understand it….that is why I was out cold….some kind of short circuit happened in my brain!!! The vet drew blood from my arm and ruled out many possibilities as to why I had this terribly scary seizure. He concluded it was of "idiopathic"origins; meaning he just didn’t know why it happened. He suggested Mom and Dad keep a watchful eye on me for any more seizures and that if they became more frequent, to perhaps, put me on medicine.

Things Get Worse

The very next day I started having diarrhea and vomiting. My Mom and Dad withheld food for 24 hours as advised by my doctor. After that 24 hour period, which felt like an eternity, I was allowed to eat small portions of boiled chicken and rice. As good as it tasted going down, I just couldn’t keep it down…if you know what I mean! So this is where my spiral downward begins to pick up speed! My poor Mom and Dad! They tried EVERYTHING….every commercial dog food on the market that sounded heathy…they gave me. Nothing worked…. I still had terrible diarrhea and vomiting! Many trips to my vet getting one test after another….more blood work, x-rays, exams, looking for blockages…nothing, negative, nada! My vet did ask for a stool sample and discovered I had hookworm and roundworm despite my being given an Ivermectin heart worm medicine….it failed me!!! My parents immediately switched me over to Milbemycin, another kind of heart worm medicine that kicked my worm issue, but not my diarrhea and vomiting. And my seizures were occurring weekly!


My Mom and Dad Never Gave Up

To our dismay, this continued for approximately 8 months! Mom and Dad were steadfast in their quest for a diagnosis and cure! I was truly fed up at this point and felt like I was dying….in that time period, I went from a healthy 86 pound Golden to a 60 pound shadow of my former self! People around us were suggesting they end my misery….if you know what I mean! Mom and Dad wouldn’t even consider that as an alternative. No, they KNEW in their hearts there was a cure for me and they NEVER stopped searching… And I am eternally grateful to them and love them forever for not giving up on me. And not to mention I am one tough cookie! I put up a good fight! But I must say, this whole journey was a labor of LOVE between me, Mom, and Dad!

No Prescription Diet for Me!

My vet recommended I start a course of anti-seizure medicine along with a prescription food diet. Mom and Dad refused to feed me the Rx vet prescribed food which its first ingredient was CORN!!!!! Please don’t get me started down that road!!!! Suffice it to say, it was nothing more than a bunch of processed filler ingredients with a fancy name and price tag to match! Just like every other commercial dog food, I know it wouldn’t have helped me at all.

It’s Called The Miracle Dog Food for a Reason!

So, that very same day, Mom and Dad turned to the internet and did an all out search for a natural, healthy dog food. That’s when they found Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health-The Miracle Dog Food They ordered my first bag and after my first DELICIOUS meal, my diarrhea and vomiting stopped!!!! It was my miracle elixir!!! I have been eating and loving my 3 squares a day ever since and I have been diarrhea and vomit free!!!

Pumpkin 3

Thank you Dr. Harvey’s… You Saved My Life!

That was 6 years ago…in that time I have put weight back on, I feel great, I am so happy, and am so excited to celebrate my 10th birthday on the 31st of this month! Life is good; in fact it’s delicious all thanks to you, Dr. Harvey! I have survived against all odds and I am forever grateful for the love and steadfast determination of my Mom and Dad to restore my health, and to you, Dr. Harvey’s! You saved my life!

With my Love and Gratitude,

New Year, New Look!

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

New Supplement Packaging Group

Some Things Should Change…

We felt that the start of a brand new year was the ideal time unveil the fresh new look of Dr. Harvey’s line of whole food supplements!

We’ve not only improved the appearance, but we’ve added sealed bands for enhanced safety, and the “user friendly” lids are now easier to open and close.

…and Some Things Shouldn’t Change!

Of course, while we’ve changed what’s on the outside, be assured that we haven’t changed what’s on the inside. As always, each of Dr. Harvey’s unique and proprietary supplements is formulated with highly nutritious whole foods and potent healing herbs to support your dog throughout the lifelong healthy journey: from puppyhood, through to adulthood, and onwards into the golden years. Whether the issue is aching joints, a dull coat, lack of energy or more, there’s a Dr. Harvey’s Supplement to help. It’s wellness you can count on!

Supplement Grouping

Healthy Support at Every Life Stage

Your dog is there for you, day after day. Return the love and loyalty by supporting your best friend at every stage of their journey with Dr. Harvey’s Whole Food & Herbal Supplements!

Ortho Flex Image

Key Benefits:

• Safe All-Natural Formulations – No Drugs or Chemicals
• Easy-to-Use Powder — Just Sprinkle Daily Over Food
• Dogs LOVE the Taste – Even Picky Eaters
• Human-Grade Quality Made in the USA
• Won’t Interfere with Medications/Treatments
• Made from a Company You Know & Trust!

Build Your Dog’s ‘Health Toolkit’

You have a health toolkit at home to enhance your family’s health and wellness. Now, you can give your beloved companion the same love and care. Over the years, thousands of dogs and pet parents have benefited from Dr. Harvey’s Whole Food & Herbal Supplements. Now you can too!

There is Something Else that is New!

Runs Be Done

And while we’re highlighting new and exciting changes, please say hello to the newest addition to our whole food supplements roster: Runs Be Done!

Runs Be Done is a “must have” supplement to safely and effectively deal with occasional bouts of diarrhea, or it can be used daily for dogs with sensitive stomachs. And unlike pumpkin that goes to waste in the fridge, you can simply store Runs Be Done in your dog’s “health toolkit” until next time. There’s no wasted time or money, and no mess either.

Simply put, when used together with Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health, Runs Be Done is a life saver for you, your dog – and your carpet and furniture, too!

Stop Allergies in Dogs The Right Way

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Itching, Scratching, Redness, Hot Spots,

Itchy skin, redness and allergies are some of the most common problems we see in dogs. These conditions are also the most frequently sited reasons for a trip to the vet and can be among the most frustrating problems for pet parents and their dogs.

Short Term Results- Antibiotics and Steroids

Medications including antibiotics and steroids, can negatively effect the immune system and they give only temporary relief. Dogs are often given multiple rounds of these drugs and the problem keeps coming back. That’s because medications only mask the problem and don’t get to the root cause.

Diet-The Most Common Cause of Allergies

Amazingly the most common cause of skin problems and itching is often overlooked.
Diet is the single most common cause of skin problems, itching, scratching and redness, inflammation, paw biting, rashes and hot spots.

It may be hard to believe that just by switching to a new all natural and fresh food diet, that your dog, who may have been itching for years, will get better.

But we have seen thousands of dogs improve. simply by making this switch, This means feeding food that is completely free of preservatives, dyes and chemical additives. Not only is it important to completely eliminate these additives from your dog’s diet, you need a diet that allows you to rotate proteins, has minimally processed ingredients and is rich in essential fatty acids.

Switching to the Right Diet is Easy

Dr. Harvey’s Veg-to-Bowl makes switching to this type of diet easy and safe and the results are nothing short of amazing. Pet parents are thrilled with the results. After watching their dog suffer needlessly, they now have a dog that is free from itching and redness. Your dog feels better and so do you. Switching to this diet can also give your dog a bright, shiny coat and healthy skin.

Veg-to-Bowl is made from 9 different dehydrated and freeze dried vegetables, organic herbs and vitamins. To this you add fresh high quality meat and oil. You will be giving your dog the healthiest meal possible. Pet parents report the clearing of allergic symptoms, redness, inflammation and itching. Fresh whole foods can make a remarkable difference in your dog’s health and longevity.

Making Veg-to-Bowl is really easy to feed. Just add water to rehydrate the veggies, add raw or lightly cooked fresh meat and oil and serve your dog a meal that provides everything that they need for good health.

All dogs love to eat Veg-to-Bowl, even the pickiest eaters.

Veg To Bowl Fact sheet photo

There is NO Commercial Dog Food that Offers This

Commercial dog foods are laden with preservatives and other additives that can cause these problems and are toxic to your dog. Even the ultra- premium kibble and so called “prescription” diets contain these additives and will not alleviate the problem.

Holistic veterinarians recommend a diet that mimics a dog’s natural diet, normalizing and strengthening your dog’s digestive and immune systems. They recommend adding a good balance of essential fatty acids, and other immune-normalizing and strengthening nutrients, Dr. Harvey’s Veg-to-Bowl provides this kind of diet. A natural diet can reduce stress on the body, while allowing a natural reduction of inflammatory conditions and a lower risk of infection.

Two Other Ways to Help Your Dog

A fresh food diet can help from the the inside out. In addition to feeding Dr Harvey’s Veg-to-Bowl and eliminating all commercial foods and treats these two products can be very helpful:

Dr. Harvey’s Organic Healing Cream

Dr. Harvey’s Organic Healing Cream can be applied for immediate topical relief of redness and itching. This miracle cream contains soothing herbs in a base of organic Shea butter and has been shown to help on all skin issues from rashes and hot spots to cuts, scrapes and dryness.

Dr. Harvey’s Organic Healing Cream is easy to apply and safe for dogs even when licked.

Healing cream

Health and Shine

And don’t forget to add Health and Shine, our pure salmon oil capsules that are rich in Omega 3’s so vital to your dog’s overall good health a great addition that can improve skin and coat and reduce inflammation and itching.

Health and Shine

Make the Switch for Your Dog

Don’t wait to start your dog on this wonderful, healing diet and watch the scratching, itching and redness disappear.

If your dog is experiencing itching, skin irritation or redness, dandruff , bumpy skin or body odor, switch to Veg-to-Bowl and see for yourself, what a difference it will make in your life and the life of your companion.

From Panic Stricken to “Peace At Last” – Discover Salt & Pepper’s Amazing Story!

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Are you thinking of opening your heart and home to a rescue dog? Go for it!
You’ll profoundly change your new companion’s life – and your own!

That’s what pet parent, Aidan Schroeder, did when she went to her local shelter, and welcomed two adorable rescue pups — “Salt” and “Pepper” — into her family. And to make the story even more wonderful, they’re brother and sister!

However, before the trio could get settled in and start their happy new life together, Aidan ran into a serious and dangerous problem: both pups had diarrhea. She tried everything she knew to put an end to it, but NOTHING worked.

Fortunately, that’s when Aidan discovered the healing power of feeding fresh with Canine Health.
Read her inspiring letter below and learn how she, Salt and Pepper achieved “peace at last”!

Dear Dr. Harvey,

Hi there, I purchased Canine Health a couple of weeks ago. I am so glad your ad popped up in front of me when it did. I wanted you to know. I wanted to share our story with you.

Salt and Pepper 1

We Could Not Go Through a Week without A Bout of Diarrhea

I can’t say enough good stuff about this food. I have two rescue pups that just turned a year old. They are brother and sister Pit Bull mixes who had a rough start to life and I assume were malnourished in the womb as well, based on their many health and emotional issues. I’ve had them for 6 months and through this time; we haven’t gone a week without consecutive days of diarrhea.

We Tried Everything

They’ve been treated with antibiotics, probiotics, yogurt, pumpkin, rice water, everything the vets could think of for “shelter gut”. I finally got them somewhat stable (we could go 3-4 days without an episode and the episodes only lasted a day) with homemade turkey and rice supplemented with a limited protein turkey-only kibble, but we still had issues weekly and they were always scratching and biting themselves.

We Were Also Dealing with Eye and Ear Infections

The female, Pepper, had recurring ear infections and her eyes were always goopy. The male, Salt, is naturally super anxious and skittish and when he’d get ill all over the house, he’d be even more upset by the aggravated humans cleaning up the hellacious mess so it was sort of a vicious cycle. Not a very fun start to their lives with us!

I Was Constantly Searching for Answers- I didn’t Want a “Semi-Fix"

I was constantly researching what I could try and one day Dr. Harvey’s food prep video popped up in my Facebook newsfeed. I went to the site and poked around. Even after reading all the testimonials, I was nervous to try something new yet again because I was spending so much on the special kibble with limited success and I really didn’t want another “semi-fix".

They Love It

Looking back, I wish I’d bought the 10 pound bag the first day I saw it! I was able to switch the dogs over pretty much immediately with no ill effects. They LOVE this stuff, which is surprising because it looks like weird veggie oatmeal. But when the kettle goes on, they’re glued to my side until the stuff is cooled and ready to eat.

No Diarrhea Since Day One

They’ve never been healthier. We’ve had no diarrhea since day one (and believe me, I am FAR TOO AWARE of their every movement. I’m really looking forward to new hobbies!) Their coats, which I thought were just naturally coarse and wiry, are so soft and shiny now. Pepper’s ears have cleared up and her eyes are improving dramatically.

They Just Feel Better and It Shows

Their constant scratching has decreased a lot and Salt even seems calmer and less twitchy, which is simply amazing. I think it has everything to do with the fact that they both feel great and their humans are finally at ease. And they’ve ONLY been eating this stuff for TWO WEEKS. I can’t wait to see how much better they get!

Salt and Pepper 2

Health Really Does Begin in the Kitchen and I Have Proof

All this to say: Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health The Miracle Food is truly fantastic. It cures what ails dogs, I have proof. It improves their health and well being beyond what you would expect for mere food. Health really does begin in the kitchen! My pups will never eat processed kibble again. I only wish I’d known of this food for all my previous dogs.

Peace at Last-Thanks Dr. Harvey!

You’ve completely repaired my household and improved the lives of everyone in it.
Peace at last.

Thank you so very much,

Aidan Schroeder

Read More About Digestive Health Click Here

Toby No Longer Needs a Kidney Diet

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Toby Cute

Dog mom, Amy Colella wrote to say thanks for helping her beautiful dog, Toby. We could not be happier that he is doing so well. We wanted to share her story of Toby’s journey. We know that other pet parents are searching for answers to find health for their companions and we hope that by sharing these stories they will find the solutions that they need. Here is Toby’s story in Amy’s own words.

We heard the dreaded words, “Early Kidney Disease”

Toby is our 11 year old Cockapoo. In October of 2015, Toby had blood work done to check an elevated calcium level from the is previous lab work in March. Well, that re-check of the calcium turned into concern over his liver and kidney function. I was told to bring him that week for an ultrasound and urinalysis. The ultrasound didn’t show much, however given his lab values and urinalysis I was told he had early kidney disease and should put him on a “kidney diet”.

We Were Feeding “Premium” Kibble

For 11+ years I had fed this dog “premium” kibble and now I was presented with one option… give him a different kibble with lower protein and phosphate that was definitely NOT “premium”.

My Research Took Me to Dr. Harvey’s

In doing my own research online, I came across Dr. Harvey’s. The next morning I called and spoke with a representative at Dr. Harvey’s and then spoke with Dr. Harvey himself. He guided me on which food would work best and suggested a few supplements to add as well.

I Noticed the Change in Just Days!

Toby has been eating Veg-to-Bowl for about 7 weeks. I noticed significant changes within days. He was no longer licking his paws constantly and he had much more energy!

The Vet Says No More Kidney Diet Needed!

Toby returned for blood work today and his labs were back to normal ranges!!!!
Our veterinarian actually said he no longer needed a “kidney” diet.
My other dog Duncan is enjoying Dr. Harvey’s as well. Duncan would walk away from the “premium” kibble and now he sits in the kitchen just waiting for his food.

toby and family 3

Thank you Dr. Harvey and team!

The Colella Family

Tears to Triumphs: Discover the Martino’s Remarkable Story

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Watch the emotional, inspiring video and discover why the Martino’s and Augie, their award-winning champion Viszla, trust only Dr. Harvey’s at mealtime.

“We decided that we were going to do things differently if we ever got another dog.”

Like so many pet parents, Jim and Nancy Martino fed their beloved Vizsla a diet of kibble. But at age 11, their companion developed canine cancer and passed away. It was a rough time for the Martino’s; one that they determined never to repeat.

That’s when the Martino’s discovered Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health — and even spoke directly with Dr. Harvey, who gladly shared his wealth of knowledge and experience. That settled it. It was time for the Martino’s to bring home a new best friend. His name is Augie, he’s an award-winning champion, and as you might have imagined: he’s a beautiful, energetic Vizsla!

Reflects Nancy: “Before we even brought Augie home as an 8-week old puppy, we decided that this was the food we wanted to feed him.”

We Loved Filming Augie

We were lucky to meet Augie’s parents ,Nancy and Jim. They came to purchase food and told us their story. They told us about why they chose to feed Augie Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health and what a difference it has made in his health.
It was wonderful to hear how healthy Augie is on Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health and to see the proof in this beautiful dog. Nancy and Jim wanted to share their story with other pet parents. They wanted others to know that feeding fresh food has made a difference in Augie’s life and how feeding Canine Health could make a difference in the lives of other dogs. They wanted to share their story with you.

Feeding A Champion

You will see how strongly Nancy and Jim feel about feeding Augie this way and how clear they are in their feeling that the reason Augie is so happy and healthy is directly related to the food they have chosen to feed him. As Dr. Harvey has always said, “Health Begins in the Kitchen!”

Such a Fun Video to Make

Augie Shoot

We hope that you enjoy watching this short video and that you experience some of the joy that we had while making it.
Augie is a wonderful, happy and loving dog who was pleased to let us play with him on several shoot days and let us record his daily routine.
The results are here for you to see. Enjoy!

A Very Picky Eater with Digestive Problems Finds His Food

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Carson’s Mom Tells His Story

I’ve been reluctant to give praise to any food that my little guy Carson will eat, because he’s not only a picky eater, but he’s always had stomach upset. Every time I thought he was going to eat a food and keep eating it, he’d either turn his nose up to it after a couple of meals or his stomach would get upset and he wouldn’t eat any food at all for a few days. He’s always been a little guy (3 lbs) and he just turned 15.

Carson testimonial 1

Here We Go Again-So Scary…

A few of months back I thought he had stomach upset again, but this time he had severe diarrhea and some vomiting. He’d been eating a raw food off and on for many years. I didn’t make the connection until the food had a recent recall on it. We ended up having to take him to the vet and he was given fluid due to dehydration and medicine for the diarrhea.

I Decided to Try Canine Health

I started feeding him very small amounts of cottage cheese and rice, then I went to small amounts of chicken and rice. I finally decided to try the Canine Health.. I started very small and surprisingly, he was eating it! So, I continued feeding it in very small amounts. I couldn’t believe that he continued to eat it. I was just waiting for him to turn his nose up like he has always done. His symptoms cleared and he was eating like I’d never seen him eat before!

This Has Been Unbelievable to Me!

A few months have passed and he’s STILL eating Canine Health. I change his protein every week and add in a little less than 1/2 tsp. of Kefir and salmon oil (which I rotate with olive oil and coconut oil). He eats a tablespoon every 3 hours.

He’s loosing his eye sight and hearing, but he still wants me to throw his favorite toy for him to get and bring back to me every night.

Carson testimonial 3

It’s Amazing To Me-He Has Never Had an Appetite Like This!

I can’t say for sure it was the Canine Health, but I’m pretty darn sure it is because I’ve had this little guy since he was a baby and he’s never in his life had this kind of appetite, and to think that he’s 15. Its amazing to me.

At the beginning of this letter I said I was reluctant to give praise about a food. I’m so afraid that he’ll up and fall back in to the way he was and not eat and have stomach issues, but it certainly hasn’t happened yet, so that’s why I felt I was ready to share his story with you.

He Has More Energy and His Eyes are Bright

Everyone says his eyes are bright and his ears are always perky, and he appears to have more energy than before. He has a little sack that he sleeps in all the time during the day and use to stay in it constantly. In fact, I would even say that he had no life, all he did was stay in that sack. Now, he’s up and in the kitchen all the time.

My Other Dogs are Eating Canine Health Now Too!

I’m so happy to feed my dogs food from a company that really does care about these guys. My other dogs eat Canine Health now as well and they love it.

Since the recall on the food that Carson was eating I won’t even consider feeding my kids anything other than your food. It’s pricey for us with having others besides Carson, but just to see how it’s changed Carson, there just isn’t a price tag for that.

Carson testimonial 2

Thank you Dr. Harvey’s

Thank you so much for listening and not only making a great food, but going out there and trying to help all those dogs that can’t help themselves. You all are a blessing to us humans and our canine babies.

I’ve attached some pictures of Carson. I know you will be able to appreciate them.

Thanks again!
Michelle Goodman

Less Gas-No More Loose Stools!

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Brando Bulldog 2

We Had to Share This

We received this email from dog mom, Maria. She included a photo of her English Bulldog, Brando, and one with his crew!
We loved these pics so much that we had to share it.

We also wanted to share his results after eating his new diet!

He Was So Gassy

Dear Dr. Harvey’s,

We are feeding our 10 year-old English Bulldog, Brando, Canine Health-The Miracle Dog Food.

We wanted to share our story with you.
Brando was diagnosed with Hypothyroid 4 Years ago. His energy level went from a very active Bulldog to one that would sleep all day.
His coat became very dry and thin, He also started to get extremely gassy.

We changed His food many,many times but nothing helped. Brando has had two surgeries this year as he developed salivary gland infection and a growth on his thyroid. During the last surgery they also removed a lymph node that looked questionable. Fortunately, all biopsy results were negative.

My Vet Recommend Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health

Lately Brando has been much more gassier then the past few years. He was also prone to loose stools.
We had a visit with his regular vet. During the exam he noticed another infected salivary gland that will need to be removed.
We also discussed diet change, but not kibble.

Our veterinarian suggested Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health-The Miracle Dog Food. .

Brando Bulldog No more loose stools
Brando is the cutie on the far left…

I Saw The Change in One Day on This Food

I noticed a big difference within a day. It’s been two weeks on the new food and
Brando looks better than he has in 4 or 5 Years!

He will need surgery soon, but knowing that he’s eating a food that will help him heal more quickly means the world to us.

He Loves it!

Less gas and no more loose stools.

Thank You,

Maria Vallillo

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Try Canine Health for Your Dog!

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