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Lucy Is Finally Eating! I'm So Impressed!

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

Loving dog mom, Brandy Tree, couldn’t wait to tell us about her baby, Lucy, and how they both are loving our Canine Health. We love new fans and we were so happy to receive this email from Brandy. We could not be happier to know that Lucy is loving her new food and that she is doing better. Here is that email in her own words. Thank you for sharing Brandy!

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We Received Our Trial Sized Canine Health and then…

I have to say how impressed I am with Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health
I haven’t been able to get Lucy excited about her food since we got her. When her Vet said she had to eat the special KD food after being diagnosed with kidney problems she lost ALL interest in her food and quickly began to lose weight. Of course, this had me extremely concerned and I knew that there had to be other healthier and more appealing options available, I just needed to find them!
Lucy IG Blog Post_Brandy Tree 2

I Knew There Had to Be a Better Way for Our Baby with Kidney Problems.

This is when I began scouring the Internet and reading everything I could find on kidney problems in dogs and the requirements for a healthy diet. Then I discovered Dr. Harvey’s! I’ll admit I was hesitant at first, but after reading all the reviews and the miracle stories I came to the conclusion that I honestly didn’t have much to lose, Lucy was quickly getting worse and losing weight rapidly and being an Italian Greyhound she didn’t have extra weight to spare! I decided to give the free trial bag a try.

I Was Immediately Impressed with the Trial Bag

I was surprised at how quickly my order arrived! And at how big the trial bag of Canine Health actually was! I couldn’t believe I got this large bag of food for only the cost of shipping! I was truly expecting maybe one or two meals; just enough for her to have a meal or possibly two and that would be it. Lucy is very pleased that she’s going on week two of her trial bag of Canine Health and thoroughly delighting in each and every bowl!

Lucy IG Blog Post_Brandy Tree

Lucy Would Not Eat! I Was Frustrated and Sad…

Previously I would feed my dogs before I began making dinner for my husband, Ben Ben my Chihuahua, would gobble his dinner up right away while Lucy totally ignored hers and would instead become very excited and interested in only what I was cooking for dad. Lucy doesn’t get table food, but being very determined and always hopeful she would sit with dad through dinner waiting with high hopes until he was finished just in case this would be the time he decided to share a portion of his meal with her. Hopes dashed and fully disappointed she would only then go check to see what was in her food bowl. Previous to the KD canned kidney diet she would grudgingly eat her food but once she was started on the KD she flat out refused to it at all.

I Was So Excited to See Her Enjoy Her Food!

The first day I prepared her the Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health she was right there urging me to move faster so she could have her dinner, this was BEFORE she ever tasted it! I honestly think she believes she’s getting what I cook nightly for my husband….her greatest dream finally came true (or so she believes!) I couldn’t believe how excited she was when I set her bowl down, I was so happy to see her finally truly enjoying eating her food! Now ever since that first bowl of Canine Health she could care less about what I’m making my husband for meals! In fact, she knows EXACTLY when it’s time for her to eat and if I’m doing something else she makes it a point to bother me and be as disruptive as an Iggy can possibly be even going as far as removing my headphones from head in order to get me up and in the kitchen to “cook” her food!

In Less Than 2 Weeks I See a Big Change in Her

It hasn’t quite been two weeks yet but I’ve already noticed a change in her. She is less lethargic and in addition to becoming more active she’s also taking an interest in things she long ago stopped wanting to do, like playing with her toys, as well as me and dad. I’ve even caught her playing with her new little brother Ben Ben, something she had yet to do at all since his adoption last September! Most noticeably her urine output, which previously was way too much for a dog of her size. Living in Colorado with unpredictable weather Lucy has always preferred to use potty pads during inclement weather and at night making it very easy to keep track of her….um….let’s just say “necessary bodily functions” Before Dr. Harvey’s her urine output was incredibly worrisome, when before changing her potty pad two or three times a day was the norm to suddenly changing upwards of eight to ten completely soaked XL sized pads sometimes twice a day in addition to her going potty outside was enough to get her to the vet ASAP only to be told my little girl had kidney problems. Now after barely over a week on Dr. Harvey’s although not back to where she was, we’ve still noticed a dramatic decrease in Lucy’s urine output.

Lucy IG Blog Post_Brandy Tree 3

I Could Not Be Happier

I’ve yet to take her in for her next vet appointment for more blood work but I’m very hopeful to hear good things and have some amount of improvement. I couldn’t be happier to see my nine-year-old Lucy behaving years younger and actually enjoying not only her meals but also her daily life once again as well. I’ve recently ordered Lucy the full-size bag of Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health and look forward to adding the appropriate supplements and of course some special and well-deserved treats next.

Thank You Dr. Harvey!

Thank you, Dr. Harvey’s for providing a life altering, healthy food option so I can spend as much time as possible with my four legged furry true love, Lucy. Thank you for allowing me to see her happy, healthy and enjoying being my pup once more! It feels amazing to give Lucy back even a tiny amount of the unconditional love, enjoyment, and true happiness that she not only deserves but also has never hesitated to always give me.
…I have attached a few pictures of my little Lucy at the end of this email.

How Do I Explain What This Means to Me?

Lucy is my heart and you’ve given my heart back to me….
Words aren’t enough to express how much this means to me.
Forever Thankful,
~Brandy Tree

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