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The Scoop on Poop

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

This Subject Is Taboo…

But We’re Going to Talk about It

Image DescriptionThis is never an easy subject. No one wants to talk about it. But if your dog has problems with loose stools you want to read on. Chances are you feel you have tried everything. You have probably looked and looked for answers. You probably have tried many different foods, various home remedies and you have certainly consulted your vet. You may be terribly frustrated because you feel there are no real answers.

More Common Than You Can Imagine

Nothing is quite as difficult to deal with, in terms of living a happy and peaceful life with your dog, as living with chronic diarrhea. And yet this is an all too common problem. We get calls and emails about this problem every single day. Yet, as common as the problem is, there are very few solutions that really work, but we have one that does!

The Miracle Dog Food

Image Description Canine Health got its name, The Miracle Dog Food ,when we had so many guardians call us to tell us that they and their dog had experienced a miracle! Chronic diarrhea, sometimes a problem that had persisted for years, was all but gone after just a few days on Canine Health. After hearing “it’s a Miracle!” so many times from those callers, we decided it should be called The Miracle Dog Food for its ability to change a dogs digestion in a matter of days!

The Formula Works to Aid Digestion

Canine Health is a mixture of 6 organic grains and 9 vegetables and herbs to aid with digestion. When rehydrated and mixed with fresh meat this complete, fresh and healthy meal will balance a dog’s intestinal tract and produce formed stools in a matter of days, even in the most difficult cases. We have seen dogs with a history of years of chronic diarrhea have a complete turnaround in just days when switched to this highly nutritious way of feeding.

Our Personal Experience

Many of us at Dr Harvey’s rescue and foster dogs, some of these dogs come to us having been passed from shelter to shelter. They often arrive with explosive diarrhea. We immediately get them started on Canine Health and within just a few days our rescues have formed stools and never have diarrhea again.

Why Does it Work?

It is the combination of the soothing herbs, the organic and unique grains, no preservatives and fresh meats that makes all the difference. For over 30 years now this combination has helped guardians to live a happier life with their companions by helping dogs digest their food properly and produce less waste and formed stools. Canine Health-The Miracle Dog Food has been the answer for thousands of dogs.
These highly absorbable “noble” grains in combination with the proprietary herbal formula works in almost every case!

There is a Solution!

Image DescriptionCanine Health can help to stop chronic diarrhea in dogs. It has helped thousands of dogs to have normal digestion and normal stools. It is wonderful and healthful way to feed your dog and what a wonderful relief to not have to worry about constantly cleaning up a mess. And though no one really likes to talk about it, there is great beauty and relief in a formed stool!
If you have been dealing with this problem, you will know exactly what that means!

Why Choose Oracle?

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's


Oracle is an exceptional food for dogs and cats.

But why is it so different than other alternative foods?

Why is it that much better than any other pet food?

We know that Oracle is made with real whole foods and that our ingredients are pure and healthy and “just like home made”.

Here are the facts:

First ingredient is meat.

Freeze-dried raw meats are superior to dehydrated meats.

*Contains 65–75% meat in Oracle for Dogs. 90% meat in Oracle for Cats.

*Easiest and safest way to feed a raw diet!

*Made with only with pure, whole foods.

Thick, chunky texture. Just like a real home-cooked meal. *Not a gruel or soupy mix.

*Minimally processed to maintain nutrition.

*Our proprietary herbal supplement promotes good digestion, health and longevity.

Ingredients sourced in USA. *Absolutely no ingredients from China.

Contains *no organ meat – no cheap filler meats and no meat by-products.

No artificial ingredients, preservatives or dyes. No added salt or sugar either!

*Protein content is 30%-70% higher than other alternative foods.

*USDA Organic grains and USDA free range antibiotic-free meat.

*Improves health within the first few weeks of use.

Helps dogs and cats with *allergies, skin ailments, chronic loose stools, digestive issues, itching.

*Picky eaters love Oracle!

We use *Calcium Citrate – the most biologically absorbable form of calcium. Other alternative foods use cheaper forms of calcium.

*All of Dr. Harvey’s products are made fresh daily, in our own facility in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey.

Image Description

Oracle when you want the very best for your pets.

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