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Bee Pollen for Animals

Posted By Dr. Harvey

Image Description It always amazes me when I lecture that when I mention Bee Pollen how few people know about it! Even people who know about Bee Pollen may never have used it for themselves or their companions. It amazes me because Bee Pollen is simply put, wonderful.

A Little Golden Miracle Food-Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen is a miraculous mix of pollen from flower blossoms that is gathered by bees and mixes with enzymes that come from the bees. This combination forms golden granules that are easily absorbed when orally ingested providing almost every nutrient necessary for life. These nutrients including protein, amino acids, amino acids, enzymes, co-enzymes, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids are present in abundance making Bee Pollen a wonderful food for both humans and animals. Bee Pollen can be a powerful rejuvenator stimulating organs and glands. Bee Pollen can increase energy levels and is used by athletes who need to sustain performance and increase endurance.

Your Companion as Athlete using Bee Pollen for Dogs

dog_ jumping This is also the case when used for animal athletes. Obedience and coursing dogs do well with the addition of Bee Pollen to their diet. Because Bee Pollen contains all of the nutrients needed for life it makes a wonderful tonic for all animals.
We use Bee Pollen as a daily tonic for dogs, cats and birds. We use it in our mixes to provide addition nutrients to our companions.

The Very Best Multi-Vitamin- Bee Pollen for Animals

Bee Pollen is a wholefood meaning it contains everything necessary to sustain life. It is the best multi-vitamin and mineral supplement that I know. I use is as one of the base ingredients in all of my herbal supplements
Additional Bee Pollen can be added to a companion animal’s diet to enhance their entire health picture. Animals that are recovering from an illness or suffering from a stressful situation often benefit from the addition of Bee Pollen in their diet.

Bee Pollen and Allergies in Animals

Bee Pollen can improve performance, strength and stamina.
Bee Pollen should not be confused with the pollen from flowers that causes allergic reactions. It is very rare to see an allergic reaction to Bee Pollen, which is collected from bees in the hive. In fact, one of the most impressive attributes that Bee Pollen possesses is its ability to reduce allergic reactions in humans and animals. Studies have shown that Bee Pollen helps with hay fever and other allergies and is effective in upper respiratory ailments

A Substance With Virtue= Bee Pollen

The virtues of Bee Pollen have long been touted in Chinese medicine. Numerous applications and virtues for Bee Pollen can be discovered in research from many different cultures and include, increased longevity, recovery from illness, reduction of cravings, disease prevention, reduction of allergic reactions, prevention of disease, blood fortification, bowel and intestinal regulation and the increase of vitality. Bee Pollen also has certain natural antibiotic-like properties and seems to have a positive effect on those receiving radiation.

Bee Pollen and Birds

colorful_plummage parrot We use Bee Pollen in our Avian Blends, as we believe Bee Pollen provides essential vitamins and minerals for birds of all sizes. Bee Pollen can increase color and plumage in birds and has been shown to help certain birds that are prone to plucking and self-mutilation.

You Have To Try It! It’s Bee Pollen

We like to take Bee Pollen right off the spoon. Our dogs love it mixed in plain organic yogurt and our birds get bee pollen in their food cups every day. It is a wonderful convenient and mega- healthy food that can be mixed in just about anything. If you have never tried Bee Pollen for yourself or your companions you are in for a great treat and a very healthful surprise.

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