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On The Road to Health I Met an Oracle

Posted By The Team at Dr. Harvey's

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A Revelation that Became a Revolution

We are very busy at Dr. Harvey’s these days! The response to the launch of Oracle has been overwhelming and we are busy trying to get this extraordinary new food out to everyone who has been waiting so patiently.


After years of research and development, it is incredibly rewarding to see Oracle actually going out to feed dogs and cats all over the United States. The initial reactions have been so positive and warm.

We have the Best Customers

Without a doubt, we have the best customers in the world!
And it is for our discerning two-footed fans and our very picky four-pawed fans, that we created Oracle.


Seeing the Future of Animal Nutrition

Dr. Harvey’s has always stood for innovation and integrity. Oracle continues in that same tradition. Dr. Harvey’s has never been afraid to stand up for all that is important to the health of animals. Oracle is the pinnacle of animal nutrition.
Oracle is seeing the future of animal nutrition.

Our Mission

Our goal when creating Oracle was to make the finest “just add water” food ever created for dogs and cats. Oracle is a truly exceptional food. Not only is it the perfect blend of appropriate high quality protein and nutrients, but also dogs and cats love the taste! We were not willing to compromise on any ingredient to make this food. We created Oracle in the way that we have been making products for over 30 years, with the utmost care for the health of companion animals. We created Oracle with no compromises. The ingredients we use are the finest ingredients available and together these ingredients make the healthiest food ever created for dogs and cats.

For the Health of Dogs and Cats

We believe that preservatives, chemicals and synthetic ingredients are toxic to companion animals. We have created Oracle without the use of any of these toxic ingredients. In addition, we have made freeze-dried USDA meat the first ingredient and we do not use soy, sugar, salt, by-products or synthetic ingredients of any kind.

We Want The Best for Your Companions

For over 30 years Dr. Harvey’s has made the healthiest products for companion animals. We are proud of our tradition of caring for your companions as we care for our own. We stand for impeccable quality in the manufacturing of fine health foods for companion animals. Oracle is the seeing the future of the Dr. Harvey’s tradition.

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