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Power Patties- Tripe Treats

The Mighty Treat for the Elite

Power Patties are a fantastic treat for your companion dog. This is a treat that dogs cannot resist! Wait until you see how much you dog loves these exceptional treats. Power Patties are not just healthy, they are absolutely scrumptious.

Your Dog Will Love You

You will not believe how your dog will react to Power Patties. It’s really quite amazing to see this reaction. When your dog gets a Power Pattie, you will be a hero!

3oz. bag – $12.95

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Power Patties Video

Learn Why Power Patties Are Such a Great Treat for Your Dog!

Watch this short video to learn all about Power Patties!

And Here's What Power Patties Look Like- Click on Photo for a Closer View

A Lesson in Tripe

dog kissing woman Tripe is the highly palatable and easily digested stomach lining and stomach contents of cattle containing partially digested grasses and grains, digestive enzymes, gastric juices, amino acids, essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6) and an exceptional balance of calcium to phosphorus. Known by top breeders as the best all natural dog and cat food available. Tripe is considered by many experts to be one of the most complete foods for carnivores. Dogs and cats in Europe enjoy vibrant health fed on tripe alone. Power Patties provides tripe in an easy to feed treat that your dog or cat will simply adore.

Why Tripe is So Beneficial

  • Easily digestible, so fewer stomach upsets
  • Beautiful, shiny, cleaning smelling coat
  • Adds needed Vitamins and Minerals
  • Adds beneficial digestive enzymes
  • Adds good usable protein-consisting of balanced amino acids
  • Adds essential fatty acids
  • Has proper calcium/phosphorus balance


Image Description Dogs love Power Patties so much that they are apt to steal the whole bag. Power Patties should be placed in a carefully chosen and concealed place. Dr. Harvey’s will not be responsible for stolen or captured Power Patties.

Image Description Also, please be aware that giving Power Patties may result in overwhelming amounts of joy and kisses. Now you can’t say we didn’t warn you!

What People Are Saying


These Treats Are My Dogs Favorite by Far

I have always wanted to try tripe for my dogs having read how healthy it is. But I never knew how to use it. Power Patties are the best and easiest way. And if someone told me about these I would never have believed them. My dogs will do anything for these treats. I thought the warning on the bag was really funny, but it is really true. Hide the bag! These treats are really the best we have every tried. I buy three bags at a time. We can never run out.


Keith Portman, Madison, WI


These Are the Very Best Treat I Have Ever Found

Some of you may have read about my saga with my dog Seth, he eats only Dr.Harvey’s Canine Health and it saved his life and mine!

He cannot tolerate most treats. Power Patties are the best. He tolerates them and he loves them so much.

Just to let you know. You have to hide them! They will steal them, go through closets and kitchen doors to get the Power Patties.

Treat your baby, TRY THESE TREATS!


Seth’s Mom

The Best Training Treat

Image DescriptionPower Patties are the #1 treat for training. Dogs are so highly motivated by the taste and smell of tripe that training will be easy.
Healthier than liver treats, tripe is so good for your dog, while being the best motivator. Your training sessions have never been so successful!

Our Ingredients Tell It All

Freeze-Dried Beef Green Tripe- That's All!