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Delicious Organic Homemade Biscotti for Dogs

Barkotti are healthy all-natural and delicious, crunchy biscotti for dogs. Barkotti’s vegetarian recipe is chocked full of vitamins and minerals mixed right in to the batter as whole foods. Barkotti are filled with nutritional powerhouses like fruits and vegetables.

Makes a Great Gift For Your Favorite Dog

It’s amazing that Dr. Harvey has made a treat that is truly a health food. Dogs don’t know how good Barkotti are for them they just want more.


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Barkotti Video

Learn Why Barkotti Is Such a Great Treat for Your Dog!

Watch this short video to learn all about Barkotti! Dr. Harvey’s Organic Biscotti for Dogs.

Quite possibly the most elegant dog biscuit ever made

Image DescriptionBarkotti are not ordinary dog biscuits. They are that special treat that you have always wanted for your best friend. Barkotti are that perfect mixture of healthy fun, beautiful and delicious. You can truly spoil your pup with these exquisitely beautiful biscotti. Barkotti are the perfect healthy reward for your dog. And because they are so healthy, they can be given every single day.

Our Ingredients Tell It All

Organic Oat Flour, Organic Barley Flour, Organic Honey, Organic Cane Molasses, Organic Barley Malt, Organic Flaxseed Oil, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Apples, Zucchini, Green Beans, Broccoli, Beets, Green Peas, Parsley, Ginger, Papaya, Peppermint, Fennel, Fenugreek

The Perfect Gift for Any Dog

What Every Dog Wants…

Barkotti make a great gift for your favorite canine friend. This delicious and very healthy treat make a wonderful,elegant gift for any pup.
Barkotti are not only super healthy and delicious, but beautifully packaged in a recycled and recyclable box printed with soy ink. This beautiful box of biscotti makes a great gift for the holidays or any time.

Take a Closer Look- Click on Photo

And Oh that Smell- Fresh from the Oven!

Image DescriptionBarkotti are handmade with lots of love in a human bakery. You just have to smell Barkotti to know that Dr. Harvey’s does make the finest health foods for companion animals. They smell that good!

A superbly Healthy, Crunchy Treat- And so Delizioso!

A superbly Healthy, Crunchy Treat- And so Delizioso!
Barkotti are so healthy and good for your dog that you may wonder how good they taste? In a word, scrumptious. Dogs absolutely love Barkotti.

WARNING: Hide the box or relentless begging may occur. Upon feeding Barkotti, prepare for kisses.

For the Health of your Dog from Dr. Harvey’s

Dr. Harvey has hand- selected each and every ingredient in his Barkotti for its nutritional benefits. You know when you give Dr. Harvey’s Barkotti to your companion that you are giving the highest quality and nutritious treat available.

What People Are Saying


Barkotti-Great New Product

At first when I saw these dog biscuits I wondered if my small dogs would be able to handle the size and the weight. No problem! In fact, my smallest 5 pound Chihuahua, steals all the pieces and sits on the pile and growls at anyone (cat or dog) who tries to take them. My dogs save the smallest pieces and hide them in the furniture for later chewing. Great stuff and all natural nutrition so no guilt for me and enrichment for them. Good work-out for the jaws too. Great new product for dogs of all sizes.


Stacy Curro DVM


These Biscotti are Beautiful and Healthy

I love these for my dogs and they love them too. But the best thing is that I have now bought Barkotti for all my grandogs and my friends dogs. I give them as gifts and everybody loves getting them, the people and the dogs! I think the box is beautiful and I love that it is environmentally friendly. Great treat.


Lauren Piper, CA

So Why Are Barkotti So Healthy?

Barkotti are made with only the very finest ingredients.
We use all natural and organic ingredients and bake them in a human facility in the USA. Barkotti contain no artificial coloring or flavoring and no preservatives of any kind.
Barkotti also contains no wheat, soy or corn and no refined sugar of salt.

Dr. Harvey’s Goes Green

dog_green_boneIn an effort to make our outside as organic as our inside, Barkotti are beautifully packaged in 100% recycled and recyclable boxes that are printed with soy ink. This unique packaging is part of Dr. Harvey’s commitment to becoming an eco-friendly and “green” company.
Dr. Harvey says, “Paw prints not carbon footprints.”

Dr. Harvey’s Barkotti are Health Bars

  • Are a healthy source of natural nutrition
  • Chewing promotes healthy Gums and Teeth
  • Helps to Freshen Breath
  • Are Great training treats

Barkotti for Every Dog

Barkotti are available in one pound boxes for small dogs or for medium to large dogs.
Barkotti are not just for special occasions; they just look like they are.